Exact same website, exact same page size, 3.5x faster site speeds after this one simple optimization…


Curran Van Waarde

Blog Post - January 12, 2019

The first time I tried to speed up my website I thought there was something wrong with me

What if there was an easy way to make your website faster than it’s ever been?

No more losing customers due to delayed loading times.

No more waiting for what feels like hours to load one page on your website.

And everything loads in the blink of an eye.

Contrary to what you might think, there are repeatable steps you can take on virtually any WordPress website to make it load in under 2 seconds.

These steps don’t change based on your specific website. They aren’t complicated. But they are hard to find.

My name is Curran Van Waarde and I am the founder of 3xFaster.

At 3xFaster we reverse engineer and test 100s of speed optimizations per year. Then we take the most effective strategies and apply them to our clients websites.

Step 1: We research and test everything.

Step 2: You get freaky fast website speeds.

For example…

Last month we found a new way to optimize website speed. We installed it on our servers and one of our clients sites instantly went from 3.74 second load times to 1.09 second load times…



Exact same website, exact same page size, incredible load time improvement.

The best part? You can learn these exact same speed optimizations and apply them to your site to ensure it loads in under 2 seconds.

No technical knowledge is required and these speed optimizations only take 7 minutes, 43 seconds to implement (we timed it).

Just enter your email and click the button below to watch a quick video explaining exactly how you can make your website faster today.

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