53% Of Your Site Visitors Abandon Your Site Entirely If It Takes Longer Than 3 Seconds To Load


Curran Van Waarde

Blog Post - November 29, 2018

New research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.

Surprising as this may be, the implications of this impatience are even more shocking.

An internal study conducted by Amazon found that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year.

Some of the statistics revealed in studies like these are mind-boggling in their demonstration of impatience…

Image Source: HubSpot

When I first saw this graphic I was absolutely shocked. It makes you realize that website speed actually affects every single facet of your business from SEO to sales to customer happiness.

Every “guru” online is talking about tiny tweaks that may improve conversions on your website, but nobody talks about the biggest conversion booster of all: making sure your customers load your site in the first place.

And if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load – half of your visitors may already be gone.

It’s pretty simple: the faster the speed of your website, the happier your visitors will be.

Optimizing your page load time leads to noticeable improvements in customer experience, conversion rates, and ultimately, your sales revenue.

How you can increase your site speed for free...

At 3xFaster, we have optimized thousands of WordPress websites and have tested every known site speed optimization out there.

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The best part? You can learn these exact same speed optimizations and apply them to your site to ensure that it loads in under 2 seconds.

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